Create A More Open Space With An Eclisse Pocket Door
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Single Pocket Door

Single Pocket Doors are ideal to maximize small spaces, without taking up floor or wall space.

  • Bedrooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Toilets
  • Pantries
  • Closet
  • Storage rooms
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Double Pocket Door

Double Pocket Doors allow you to change space, dimensions and light of your rooms.

For a wider opening.

Go from open plan to separate rooms, for greater functionality and flexibility.

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Hardware Accessories

High-quality, fully-compatible pocket door hardware accessories for use with all our doors and systems. 

Accessories to complete pocket door installations, including closing kits, door pulls and handles. All finished to an exceptionally high and stylish standard.

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Below you will find useful videos for the installation of Eclisse Pocket Door Frame Kits, please click the links below to go directly to the video you require information for:

ECLISSE frame kits are far superior than other pocket door system in the market and offer feature that others cannot:

  • Extractable track- never have to break drywall to remove the track!
  • Frame is all galvanized steel- no wood, no warping
  • 12 year parts warranty – Product has been cycle tested to last this long
  • Accessories- different soft closers, self-closing make the function unique
  • Runner Kit- tested over 100,000 cycles. A difference from our runners to others is that everything is covered by durethan that helps to contain grease inside the ball bearing and prevent and avoid the dust

Delivery times can vary according to the model, we usually look to have the items dispatched typically within 5 working days.

ECLISSE extends the warranty coverage to 12 years for:

  • Metal parts of the counterframe in galvanized steel.
  • Functionality and smoothness of its kit of carriages.
  • Integrity of the track made of anodized 6060 aluminum alloy (10 µm).

Yes, you can install the ECLISSE frame kit with wood or metal stud walls! You’re able to use 5/8″ or 1/2″ drywall with our system so the decision is up to you!

ECLISSE frame kits come with a patented removable track so you can remove the track at any time without breaking drywall to change out the door or to install any of the add-on accessories we offer such as the ECLISSE BIAS® (Soft Closer) and ECLISSE BIAS® DS (Soft Open/Soft Close).

All Eclisse Pocket Door Frame Kits are not meant to be cut down or altered in any way and if so, the 12 year warranty is void.

Pocket Door Superstore currently do not offer installation on our Pocket Door kits.

However, our useful installation guides can show you how to install a Pocket Door kit yourself.